Monday, April 5, 2010

Ooo you touched my tralala Ooo my ding ding dong

So hi, I made shirts some of them are hard to read from my screenshot taking so
the first one says : 'Sometimes i shouldn't say words'
the second one says: 'Put your mouth here' (from the movie she's out of my league I LOVE JACK)
the third one says: 'Remember my name you'll be screaming it later' (again inappropriate but....)
the fourth one says: 'Naughty elephant designs'

and so yeah um the shortness of them pisses me off but hope you enjoy them:
unfortunately i am not yet adept enough to make them recolourable

and i tried to show what they would look like on different body types although they all look the same except for the first one
models are downloadable somewhere on this site i didn't make them look as nice cuz im lazy

p.s. the screenshots of the sexier man were taken by ariz

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  1. Hahaha you dirty girls. I'm glad to see you making shirts, though! Keep up the awesome work!